Friday, January 8, 2010

Review: Bobbi Brown's Earth Metals Lip and Eye Palette

So, the only item out of my bloomingdales order to actually arrive (apparently they don't keep realtime stock of make-up because "the items are so small". Funny, Sephora seems to manage) is the Bobbi Brown Earth Metals lip & eye palette. Now, this is a $60 palette (luckily I got 6 dollars off it and free shipping) so the hope is that it would reflect that price in its size. This thing is TINY. It can, quite seriously, fit in your pocket. Which makes it great for travel and the actual design of the palette (the eye colors flip out and reveal a mirror as well) is pretty nifty. But for the cost, I wish it had been bigger. I'm going to be more careful with Bobbi Brown palettes in the future.

I've taken some comparison shots of the palette next to my Blackberry Tour, so you can see the difference in size (there isn't much of one).

It's tiny (btw, the pictures suck because I was using a webcam and tilting the laptop to get the picture). So, when you're thinking about purchasing, remember it's about the size of your cell phone.

However, the colors are beautiful. Seriously, they're classy, subdued and would work well on most skin types (the golds are fairly sheer though, so if you have a lot of gold/yellow tones in your skin they may not show up as well). I bought this specifically for the "black spruce" color. It's this beautiful black deep green with gold shimmer. I normally don't like green, I find it too citrusy or neon in most cases, but this is a lush, gorgeous green. The lip colors are non-drying and all of them look similar on the lips, with slight differences. They take a lot of layering to get any real pigmentation, however. The brushes that come with it are soft, but so small that they're mostly useless.

Glossamer Rating (out of five stars):
Price: ** ($60 Although the products are nice, it feels a bit of a rip considering the size)
Size: ** (It is very very small. The eyeshadows are .02 oz each and the lippies are .03 oz)
Quality: **** (The make-up and packaging is very luxurious and sleek)
Overall: *** (I probably will look out when buying more Bobbi Brown palettes in the future, to make sure I feel the price reflects what I'm getting)


  1. The palette may be small, but BB colors are so intense that you don't use very much. They last forever.

  2. I could see that for the eyeshadows, which I found to be very pigmented. But the lip products will probably not last as long, as it takes quite a bit to get any color or shine out of them.