Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcome gorgeous + Benefit Lipstick

This is my new beauty blog, I had previously begun another but have decided to create this instead. Glossamer will be a blog of beauty reviews, beauty steals, and the occasional fashion post (I will also take suggestions for reviews). Subscribe if you like what you see!

Now, onto the review. Recently, I've become a gloss addict (reviews and posts of my favs will be added soon) but I know that lipstick is usually the best way to achieve a substantial color payoff. However (and I think you know what I'm talking about ladies) some lipstick can be incredibly drying. In these winter months, that's the last thing I want. I'd been looking at Benefit lipstick for a while, after hearing some glowing praise for it. I was lucky enough to get to my Macy's before they closed New Years day and was pleased to see they had put in a Benefit counter (it's quite new, Lucky Brand jeans used to be there). So, of course I had to try the lipstick. And let me tell you, these are the most gloss like lipsticks I have ever tried (much less drying than MAC). They even have a sheen like a gloss and are incredibly hydrating. Even the super sparkly ones are smooth and lovely. I bought Sugar Cookie, which is a beautiful golden bronze with glitter (the glitter doesn't travel or feel rough). I just ordered Swoonderful (a plum with glitter, it seems to have less color payoff probably only because I had Benetint on my lips when I tried it) and I'm incredibly excited for it to arrive. When I get more money, I'm going back for more (Candy Store, a peachy pink with glitter, is next on my list). I'd suggest seeing if you can't find a place that sells Benefit before buying however, because the color swatches on the internet do not do them justice (originally I was to get Hug It Out, but was less impressed with it in real life). If you're looking for a shiny, glossy, hydrating lipstick alternative to your glosses, Benefit silky lipstick is the way to go.

Glossamer rating (out of five stars):

Price: *** ($18.00, excluding tax, a bit pricey but not too bad)
Size: **** (.1 oz Casing feels heavy due to an inner metal jacket)
Quality: *****
Overall: ****

Have a great day Gorgeous, see you next post!

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