Thursday, January 7, 2010

Review: NARS loose powder

(Either today or tomorrow I'll be reviewing Bobbi Brown's Earth Metal Lip and Eye palette. The only kind customer service rep I've yet to talk to at Bloomies was sweet enough to give me free overnight shipping for the other five items in my order being canceled so rudely. So be on the look out for that.)

So, as much as I adore NARS, I have very little of their products (I plan on changing that very soon, however). I have a blush duo (in orgasm/albatross), a lipgloss and the afformentioned loose powder (in flesh, because I don't believe even *I* am light enough for snow). I got the former two in a set and the latter I bought because I wanted a setting powder and thought NARS to be a good enough company that whatever I got from them should fit the bill. And I was right. Now, if you look at other reviews on the internet (like those on MUA), you'll notice most people hate the packaging. It's messy and somewhat difficult to keep the product from spilling all over the place, especially during travel. However most of that can be rememdied by one simple trick-keep the original box it comes in. I always return the powder to its box after using it, whether I'm on the road or at home. And I have yet to have any major spillage. There are, of course, sometimes when I get a bit on my clothes or the countertop, as it is with any LOOSE powder (you'd think the name would imply its eventually messyness to people) but no real product loss. And let me tell you, there's a LOT of the product to go around. For $34 this thing is huge and with how little I need to use to set my entire face, I know this is going to last me a good long time. The powder is finely milled (comes with a small, and annoyingly detachable. filter) and applies well. I have not noticed any chalkiness and I have very dry skin. The color is practically a perfect match and elimates unwanted redness, creating a simple matte finish that, after sitting on my skin for a few minutes, melts in nicely. The puff it comes with is okay and I feel no need to get another to replace it (some have said it feels flimsy, which maybe is a testament to my little knowlegde on make-up puffs, but I disagree with). I will soon be trying out other powders, not because this one is lacking but because I'm a sucker for trying new products. However as far as my first real powder goes, this one is a winner.

Gloassmaer Rating (out of five stars):
Price: **** ($34 Seems expensive, but considering just HOW MUCH you get, it's not bad at all)
Size: ***** (1.6 oz Quite large, as you need very little for a full face)
Quality: **** (It is a bit messy, but that can be mostly avoided. It is a loose powder, after all)
Overall: **** (I will repurchase, whenever this does happen to run out)

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