Sunday, January 3, 2010

Review: MAC mineralize skinfinish in By Candlelight

I have so much make-up to review, it's ridiculous. So I thought I'd start with something I bought very recently, MAC's mineralize skinfinish in By Candlelight. Now, I was told by the girl at the MAC counter that this is limited edition (though it could easily stick around). It is a soft, finishing powder/highlighter (and depending on the shade, contouring powder/bronzer). By Candlelight is a sparkly, pink-beige with big gold veins in it. I'm a fan of gold in my make-up, so this was an absolute must. It dusts on very lightly and provides a "glowing" look (cliche, I know, but true!). I would think that it would look beautiful over blush. It may even be worn as a light blush. This is very light so it may not work as well on darker ladies, but should still be good for a highlighter at least (although, when it comes to the ultimate highlighter I will always recommend NARS albatross). Ultimately, I'm glad I got it. I'm slowly building my MAC collection and this is a nice starting addition. It's very sparkly (which I like, though some may find that to be a negative) and the packaging is sleek as with all MAC products.

Glossamer rating (out of five stars):

Price: ** (It cost $27, which is more than the aforementioned NARS highlighter)
Size: **** (At .32 oz, this is also much bigger than albatross)
Quality: **** (It can break if handled roughly, as some at the MAC counter had)
Overall: ***

I would like to note I probably will be getting this product again, in a different shade.

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